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I am currently working through a Greek composition course by myself, and I am a little confused by word order in even simple sentences.

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I understand that in word order is much less strict in Greek than in Latin verbs don't have any need to come at the end of a sentence , and that it tends to reflect the emphasis of the sentence, however I am a little unsure about this sometimes. Is the translator simply putting emphasis on the "see" rather than some other form of interaction with the goddess which seems unlikely to me , or is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for anyone's help. I found the introduction to Exercises in some of the more difficult principles of Greek syntax , by James Robinson Boise to be helpful. From there, Boise develops it quite a bit, bringing in adverbs and subordinate clauses.

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He also presents what he calls "Inverted Order," which.. He also emphasizes that the first and last position in a sentence clause are the places of emphasis. Following Boise's concepts, I'm usually able to come close to Sidgwick's answer key. My primary interest is in the synchronic linguistics of Classical Greek, especially the interplay of syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

My long-term goal is to produce a reference grammar of Classical Greek that takes into account the many developments in the field in the last century.

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Writing such a work, however, requires a good sense of the entire corpus of Greek literature, and accordingly, I have worked in recent years on developing such a corpus, in order to be able to answer more fully than before questions about distribution of forms and constructions over genre and over time. At the same time, my digital activities have led to research questions I would not have thought to approach before: on automated parsing algorithms for Greek and Latin, or on gendered language in drama through text mining, for example.

This and other topics are the subject of a book in progress.

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Current and recent student projects include a dissertation on the style of Demosthenes, a dissertation on gemstones with a network analysis approach, a BA on the application of conditional random field parsers to Greek, and another on text mining approaches to Thucydides. Students of mine with BA degrees in Classics have gone on to work as IT consultants and programmers in industry and in academia, as well as to graduate study in Classics and in one case, both.

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Jump to navigation. Department of Classics. Helma Dik Biography and Interests:. Areas of Specialization: Greek language and linguistics; Greek prose style; corpus linguistics; Digital Humanities. Recent Publications:.


Oxford University Press. Word Order in Ancient Greek.