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Wildlife Art & Watercolours by David Daly

The Bilderberg, the Illuminati or Reptilians, name it as you want but the 13 families from king bloodlines that are ruling the world in a wrong way. When i was a kid i was feeling good deep inside my heart, but i never understood the situation, why doing all these evil things if we are good?

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If there is a good god there is an evil one and we have to accept that today he is the one winning. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it always. Our world is a reflection of ourselves…. President or king, what would you change? Look at the lord of the ring. The list is long. We went so wrong. Only because we put ourself in autopilot mode and let it drive for us.

Anything to add? Since i travel a lot i try to write it in every different language on the wall to remind the people of keeping the control on their screen consumption telling the parents to not put their children in front of the screen as a baby-sitter. We can see more and more zombies in the streets looking at the phone. In France we are at approximate 5,5 screen for a normal house!!! I have only 10 country in my collection so if you want to invite me in your place to have another one in the collection it would be a pleasure!

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Gary Hodges Wildlife Art

The magazines were such a good times! Our world is a reflection of ourselves… President or king, what would you change? Recent Posts. August I had an unintentional hiatus from sketching outside this winter.

Sketch Brush Engine in Krita 2.4 Beta 4 "Wild Animal" Video for Slun11

I was reminded of how much I enjoy having my sketch kit with me to do quick messy sketches of inspiring views, interesting trees, or whatever else catches my eye. I nearly filled up my new sketchbook. I have not always enjoyed watercolor sketching out in the world. Venturing out of the studio to paint would usually involve three trips. I didn't really think of watercolor painting as an easily portable medium. This project forced me to do art out of my comfort zone in some unusual places - on a chairlift, on the top of mountains mid-hike, from a kayak, or huddled under an overhang hiding from the rain.

Wild Sketches 2

If I always have my sketch kit with me, I am much more likely to use it! It is small enough to throw in a backpack, purse, or large jacket pocket. In my kit I keep a small sketch book, a travel size watercolor palette, a waterbrush, a pencil, eraser, and a couple permanent pens in different sizes.

A tiny sketchbook is key for making your kit truly portable enough to bring anywhere with you. I thought the accordion style was perfect for a trip specific sketchbook, as I could do larger sketches over several pages, as well as small single page sketches. The half pans of paint can be replaced as needed. Wildthorne is a small company located in Santa Cruz, CA, who hand craft watercolors from minerals. Each color has its own unique texture from the minerals which make them up.