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This review explores the drivers of SOC concentration relevant for the establishment of thresholds. We further evaluate existing SOC thresholds for provoking no yield response or significant response to added N fertilizer.

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Key drivers for SOC concentration relevant in establishing thresholds are mainly climate, topography, texture, and land use management. For added N fertilizer management, specific SOC thresholds seem quite complex and are only valid after assuming other factors are non-limiting. In some soils, SOC levels as low as 0.

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Minimum SOC thresholds can be identified for a given soil type, but maximum thresholds depend on crop N requirements, crop N use efficiency and amount of N applied. However, there seem to exist critical total SOC ranges that could be targeted for optimal indigenous N supply and integrative soil functional benefits. Carbon pools in tree biomass and the soil in improved fallows in eastern Zambia Martin L. Kaonga , Tim P. Plant age and rock phosphate effects on the organic resource quality of herbaceous legume residues and their N and P release dynamics Bernard Vanlauwe , Abdourahmane Idrissa , Jan Diels , Nteranya Sanginga , Roel Merckx.

Decomposition and nutrient release from pruning residues of two indigenous agroforestry species during the wet and dry seasons Tesfay Teklay.

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Chemical characterisation of a standard set of organic materials Catherine N. Nitrogen fertilizer equivalencies of organics of differing quality and optimum combination with inorganic nitrogen source in Central Kenya J. Kimetu , D. Organic resource management in sub-Saharan Africa : validation of a residue quality-driven decision support system Bernard Vanlauwe , Cheryl A.

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Palm , Hk Murwira , Roel Merckx. References Publications referenced by this paper. Management of organic matter in the tropics: translating theory into practice Cheryl A.

A methodology for the description of border hedges and the analysis of variables influencing their distribution: a case study in western Kenya R. Lauriks , R. De Wulf , S. Carter , Amadou Niang. Chemical characterization of plant quality for decomposition.

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Palm , A. Palm , Robert J. Myers , Stephen M. Traditional hedges in western Kenya: typology, composition, distribution, uses, productivity and tenure. Niang , C. Palm , R.