The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about our Money System and How We can Break Free (4th edition)

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The mind boggles at the mountain of interest being paid on these loans, to building societies as well as banks. Even though they have no shareholders, building societies is still part of the debt-based money creation process. Davis, who had been pestering them about his concerns that money in his wallet might not actually be redeemable. When they simply sent him two five-dollar bills from a different printing series he complained again and received the following reply:. Perhaps because they were fed up with ornery characters like Mr Davis, the phrases " When I read that, I hastily looked at a ten-pound note I surprisingly still had in my wallet, in spite of just having paid an almost unbelievably high bill for heating oil.

But promise to pay in what? We went off the gold standard decades before President Nixon took the dollar off. But I don't think I shall waste my time taking this up with the Bank of England. I should mention that bringing back a system in which currency is backed by gold, or any other precious resource, is no answer to the huge problems of money creation and global debt. Some possible solutions are proposed by the authors I've referred to, but in a capitalist dominated world it is hard to see how they will come to anything.

Innumerable proposals were put forward during the Great Depression, but banks, with government backing, avoided any significant change. According to Rowbotham, every attempt by the Social Credit government in Alberta, Canada, to implement a financial system based on Douglas's heretical ideas was overruled by the central government.

All that has been tried is regulation, always inadequate and in any case dismantled as rapidly as possible, increasingly so since the days of P. Thatcher and President Reagan. The present crisis does not seem to have thrown up anything more enlightened than re-regulation, some of which could well be phoney, 8 even after the scandalous bailing out of banks and the astronomical financial rewards some of the most culpable top people have been allowed to walk away with.

No one can predict how serious and far ranging the effects of the present credit squeeze will be.

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If the statistics about debt referred to above are considered frightening, those relating to the more general but related field of "derivatives" are even worse. It is essentially gambling , as Warren Buffet, now the world's richest man, has made clear. Gambling with all our futures I would say, certainly with our food as well as our energy security, the poorest suffering first, as always. What Wall Street has called the "commodities super-cycle," with dealers taking trillions of dollars out of equities and mortgage bonds and ploughing them into food and raw materials, has surely been expedited by the Fed handouts to these gamblers.

The explosion in food and energy prices could well cause starvation on an epic scale. Can be downloaded free at w. Michael Rowbotham, Grip of Death: A study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics. Jon Carpenter Publishing, U. John Tomlinson, Honest Money: a challenge to banking.

Can be downloaded free at www. A word of caution about this book: Unless you believe America is already a socialist country you may consider Griffin to be an extreme right-wing crackpot. But that doesn't necessarily mean his history of the Fed isn't worth reading. Charles Pearson worked as a research biochemist in British Universities and then in Canada at the University of Alberta. He retired early and settled with his wife in a small village near Cambridge, England. He writes short stories, mostly humorous, which have been published in small press magazines.

Says Pearson: "I have always been intensely interested in politics, but for some years now I might as well have been disenfranchised. To steal from Gore Vidal, I think Britain has only one political party, with two and a half right wings. Web sites like Swans and the British Media Lens provide welcome relief. Please, feel free to insert a link to this work on your Web site or to disseminate its URL on your favorite lists, quoting the first paragraph or providing a summary.

Inlining, mirroring, and framing are expressly prohibited.

Realize you have the biggest opportunity in the world.

Pulp re-publishing is welcome -- please contact the publisher. All rights reserved. Do you wish to share your opinion? I am adamantly opposed to the same sex marriage on the show Arthur. My grandchildren will not be watching it any more. They all love Arthur and were upset when I said we cannot watch Arthur. Same sex marriage is in direct opposition to the Bible and God's plan of sexuality.

I don't want sexual preferences to be put in a program without previous warning so a lasting impression is made on kids. I regret to inform you that my family and I will no longer view PBS. My young children watch PBS cartoons daily. I am surprised and upset by the lack of judgement in featuring a gay wedding on a cartoon for young children. It was very arrogant and disrespectful for you to decide how this subject should be presented to my kids.

Quit trying to indoctrinate children. You have no right. What if we decided to throw a cross burning episode of arthur in there?

Thomas Jefferson

Yes, that would be terrible, but since you people tend to associate conservatives with that, I went there. I'm trying to protect my daughter from that type of crap. Are you going to have an abortion episode next? Fuck sake, these kids get that shit thrown at them every day, yet they cant tell you the major players of WW2.

I was very disappointed with the very limited discussion about A. He was more than what was presented in relation to Martin Luther King, Jr. I would like to tell you about an incredible factual narrative. It is the extraordinary account of a courageous group of women who gave so much in the service of their country at a time when women were not often seen as military heroes. The story of these remarkable women veterans deserves to be told I realize that you receive hundreds if not thousands of requests from people asking for your attention to their stories.

I would be so very grateful if you would consider this wonderful true chronicle. Soon after Pearl Harbor, a call went out from all branches of the military for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to enlist and form medical units to be sent overseas and serve in the European and South Pacific Theaters of War. Then as the Allies pushed north, they followed, building a tent hospital on an abandoned Japanese air strip in the jungles of New Guinea.

Many years later, when Mother had to go into nursing home care, I discovered a journal that she had maintained all through her three and a half years of military service. They were part of a convoy of seven other naval ships. Their destination was unknown. One of the ships in their convoy was torpedoed in route! This was not merely the day to day ponderings of an ordinary diary. It was the first hand account of historical events, professional and career challenges, personal triumphs and struggles. She wrote of her intense homesickness and terrible loneliness, broken even one tragic love affairs and friends made and lost.

Then they the 4th General Army Hospital moved up too, setting up tent hospital wards in the jungles of New Guinea. They remember operating while standing in mud up to their knee caps! I would appreciate anything that you could do to help bring the story of my mother and these brave women Army nurses of the 4th General Army Hospital to light! The story of this "Band of Sisters" is true gold and holds so much promise and potential and will be of interest to many - those who have served our country and those who are serving now. There are numerous reasons this saga will hold significance to many.

But foremost and most notible to me is the patriotic fervor of these valiant women who enlisted, without hesitation in the Army Nurse Corps soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They deserve to be honored and remembered! My heart swells with pride when I think about the dedication and sacrifices these courageous women made in the service of their country. And above all, this story merits telling because their unit, the 4th General Army Hospital was the very first American military medical unit deployed to the South Pacific Theater of the War!

I would be so extremely honored to send you this incredible journal for your review. If you would like to read it, I will mail it to you immediately , along with corresponding photos and news articles! What an outstanding outlook and new vision it would be to have a war story recounted through the eyes of an Army Nurse!

And what a story it is!! One that thing I would like to share with you. There, they boarded the Navel Destroyer — Thomas E. They sat at anchor in NY Harbor for several days while a convoy of seven Navel destroyers was formed. This was the night she began her journal or as she called it : My little black book. It was her best friend and confident throughout her time over seas. N They had no idea where they were going or what their destination was! To me, this is true courage!

Everyone who has read it, ends up in tears with her parting words! However — it gets better!! This absolutely blew me away!! When I wrote her journal into a manuscript, I used her very last chapter as a preface to her story. Or have you never done that? It happened while we were zigzagging across the Pacific on the way to Australia. Hours were of greater length and life seemed no longer measured by time. There was something awe inspiring about the sudden disappearance from the world of the dust of small things, of petty feelings and cares. As I told you before, we were never scared for a minute.

Although we were on our way to war, it was hard to believe that hate, jealousy and murder were running rampant all over the world. Those rolling waves seemed to wash away so much of the tiredness, the spite, the bitterness. There was a peculiar feeling of being cut off from all lands and all countries and for a while, seeing them all from far off in a perspective of miles and smaller proportions. Leaning over the rail of the blacked out deck, looking at the stars, so close you could almost reach out and grab a handful. A relationship existed which is difficult to describe to a person acquainted only with the reality of everyday life.

They had both traveled over the whole world and were able to analyze this peculiar sensation that I was experiencing for the first time. Often, Kelly and the Padre became so engrossed in swapping yarns about where they had been and the things they had done, that suddenly, one of them would come to with a start and realize that I was there with open ears and mouth shut. Except for what I hoped was an inaudible gasp. The Padre laughed, but I assured him that I was serious about it. You have to live before you can do that.

Some desires must be realized; some must be left to strive for. You have to experience some disappointment, yes and grief. You must know good people and bad people and have some understanding of why they are that, before you can write anything worthwhile. Then — too — we got busy with many things and I left the idea to gather cobwebs. The good Father was right. I think I could qualify.

Some desires have been attained; others are still faintly aglow with hope keeping them alive. I supposed you realize that I could not chatter on in this manner to anyone but you [my little black book]. But please give me credit for trying to at least keep up the strength. I have wonderful corresponding photographs, letters, documents and newspaper and magazine articles to support the saga of the nurses of the 4th General Army Hospital! It is time to honor these brave women! They did so much work that was before their time - setting up tent hospitals in the jungles of New Guinea, dealing with horrific battle injuries of the men that they treated, caring for the nurses evacuated from Bataan, and so much more!!

My mother's journal documents their story with incredible truth and integrity! From the first few days of being boarded on to a Naval Destroyer in New York Harbor with their destination being unknown! To spending weeks at sea with little or no water for drinking or bathing! These wonderful women learned and adapted to their situation with patriotic grace and fervor!

Please consider moving this excellent program to one hour Costas does a primo job hosting This TV show has been permanently canceled in my household and I hope that many more parents, grandparents and instructors follow suit. Totally inappropriate!!! My family and I have loved to watch the show "Arthur" on PBS, and read the books over and over again.

They have been a sure source of laughter and learning for my children, and I was hoping my grandchildren. That is why I am so disappointed to see that the first show of the season features beloved Mr. Ratburn getting married to another MAN. For you to use this beloved show to glorify the homosexual lifestyle and indoctrinate children is truly upsetting. By airing this subject matter in a children's show, you may think you are advancing a good cause, but really you have just stepped into my area of authority as a parent to bring up my child according to my religious faith and my conservative values.

CPB continues to veer away from family-friendly entertainment. I hope you will reconsider airing this show in the future, and consider ALL points of view as you develop story lines. As a public broadcasting station, I would have hoped to receive factual, objective news instead of editorials that I see on the PBS Newshour. I find the choice of topics as well as the reporting on those topics to have a blatant liberal bias. Promotion of your approved lifestyles and indoctrinating innocent children will not occur with my tax dollars. I will also review any corporate support of your media madness and inform them of withdrawing my support of their products if they continue to sponsor your trash.

Bob Hearin and family. Can't children be children and decide for themselves? Why push this agenda?? Using children's programming to promote alternative lifestyles is manipulative and irresponsible on your part. Your organization touts itself as educational and supportive of families. With education comes a certain responsiblity that this current agenda completely ignores. I may be just one of millions if viewers but I guarantee there are plenty more that share my view.

I read that Arthur will be showing gay characters getting married. I am dissatisfied that public television chooses to air such controversial topics with tax payers money. I will not allow my children grandchildren or any children to watch any future Arthur shows. And will find another resource for educational television. Very disappointed. Are you kidding me? You have to inject this whole LGBT into kids cartoons? Heterosexual marriages are still mainstream, not LGBT. It's alternative lifestyle and does not need to be in cartoons. Kids will find out about it soon enough.

Let them have a carefree childhood without these heavy topics. PBS has lost my support.

Web of Debt - Ellen Brown - 2 of 5

I was very saddened to hear that my favorite children's program, Arthur, has a new episode where Mr. Ratburn comes out as gay and marries another man. Why do we feel the need to indoctrinate children at such a young age into the LGTB agenda? Please do not politicize such a wholesome, non controversial program for young children. I am disappointed that PBS is falling into this trap. Keep children's programing for children. They'll be force-fed this ideology from elsewhere at a later age but many of us parents count on PBS to deliver high quality educational programing with no political agenda.

I do not want my tax money used to promote same sex marriage. Same sex marriage is wrong and it is not right to put this in cartoons for children. You fund Arthur the kids program on pbs. Can we please let kids be kids for a bit longer without indoctrination about gay weddings? Let them decide when they are old enough to understand. A recent episode of Arthur on PBS promoted a homosexual wedding of two men. My grandchildren will no longer be watching.

Very poor decision by PBS to broadcast this and cpb to fund it. We're very disappointed in the recent homosexual Arthur episode. To encourage small children to enter an unhealthy lifestyle with the highest suicide rates is irresponsible and evil. We will never watch or donate again, and we will fight taxpayer support and vote for anyone who promises to cut it or eliminate it.

Hi, I am just calling to tell you that I really am doing some of the exercise programs that are included in the Milwaukee area for the channel that is public TV. No longer. What was an hour of thoughtful news analysis has devolved into a variety show. The news now takes up about a half of the hour. The remainder is devoted to infotainment in the form of cultural and human interest subjects. We routinely turn it off when the news part finishes. We would argue that a minority of viewers find the cultural and human interest segment appealing.

Has PBS done any polling of its viewers on this? The other argument for sticking to what the news hour does best is the desperate need in these politically fraught times for dispassionate evidence based discussions of policies. Please reconsider your format before you lose your audience. Why do you not spotlight children like my son. It is always minorities and my white son does not see anybody like him. This is very racist of you.

Although I watch PBS and listen to NPR , and have for the last 50 years, BUT I can not be believe how liberal slanted your coverage is now, if it is not fake news, it is propaganda with the liberal take on every article or news report, it is a tool that does not deserve one red cent from the government or me personally,. Your lack of professional journalistic ethics is more representative of a third world country news reporting.

I plan to contact my congressmen to report your total disrespect for half of the citizens conservatives and hopefully we can force you to balance what you call reporting or totally defund and bring you to a balance in your words or KILL you altogether as a network. Thank you for your contribution to the fake news about how wealthy and rasist are the people of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican community did not belIeve it when Donald Trump stated that you all are fake news.. Believe me when I say that we will make sure every hispanic community knows that you are creating false stories to damage the reputation of a small iasland just because you feel like it. Your fake news opinion will help others make decisions about the trust of PBS companies. However, we all know that you soon will disapear because the social media will become the media for information..

I just wanted to let you know, you want money to keep you going, but you take away what we watch. My number is Yes, this is And we had the house hearing on Cohen and Trump go on yesterday. But the point is, you better not cancel her program, otherwise you will not get support from people like us. We think that Amy Goodman is one of the best programs right now.

So please do not cancel, or maybe you can move her to the primetime. When I say other side, what I mean is, the just blatant bias of Judy Woodruff, it is just disgusting. She kept rewording the question and trying again. This is what she does; she corrals her guests into saying what she wants them to say. That is disgusting. We are all dropouts from both NPR and PBS, who love to watch it and then sit around and laugh over the weekend at the media bias.

Thanks so much for listening. I just listened to Yamiche Alcindor on your NewsHour, and I have to tell you, she is an embarrassment. She does not come off. And by the way, I am a supporter of you guys. Hi …, , calling from the Boston, Massachusetts area, watching PBS NewsHour, enjoy the programming, talking about the Trump, the border wall, the government shutdown. If we could also add into our reporting, just to make it fair and balanced, every government shutdown has been precipitated by someone wanting something.

We had another shutdown for Obamacare. I just watched part of your Antarctica series on global warming and climate change, and you have no data, nothing. Wake up. I want to get this done tonight. Okay, see if you can help me out. Am I the only one who notices a news bias since the passing of Gwen Ifill? A distinctly open-borders Nawaz continually depicts illegal immigrants as victims, not job-seekers, and demonizes Border employees as inhuman jailers. Yamiche Alcindor, at a WH press conference, asked the president why he hosted a white nationalist at the WH based on her Twitter feed from that man who visited the WH in a group many weeks prior , implying the president was a racist.

Yamiche editorializes when commenting about the WH as though we need her to explain attitude. I am a Democrat. You have no email for comments? Hi this is … in Los Angeles. A couple of comments about your comments line, such. And the public broadcasting stations in Los Angeles have not lived up to the promises that they made when they were organized years ago. Also, it has, around fundraising time, endless doctors telling you how to live better, longer, healthier, all of that: diet, exercise, psychology, all kinds of stuff.

They just have not lived up to the standards that we expect. A great many of their programs are nothing but high-class soap operas. Anyway, enough from me, goodbye, thanks again. Your transmissions are garbled evry night. Good weather bad weather same problem. I am a Spectrum Subscriber? I am a public broadcasting service viewer.

Put on some American news. CNN is taking a lot of heat for failing to hire people of color in its newsroom and senior leadership positions. What about CPB, an organization that certainly must strive to reflect the diverse public it serves? It is truly disappointing to see CPB hiring and promoting people who do not represent minority populations. Is this a topic for the ombudsperson to address? Voting rights are for US citizens. If you are a citizen, you have the right to vote. If you are not a citizen, you do not have the right to vote. Our immigration bureaus should have all that information.

All that information should be known and separate from what is included in the census and the census should be US citizens and those people who are 18 or older or 21 or older.. Once you turn 18 you have the right to vote. Illegal anything is still a crime. Anything you can do to uh feedback would be really appreciate..

You have a photo of Jan Schaffer but no caption who IS this lady? Schaffer's bio," but nothing about her full name. The title of the article is "Democrats Face Internal Tensions". Simon's words were: "While there is a lot in the Green New Deal that they can make fun of or make issues of when there was talks about getting rid of air travel or things like that There is an obvious bias here and because of his position, his voice is influential at a time when our environment is in crisis.

This has bothered me strongly enough that I have written to President Trump to suggest that federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting should be discontinued. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I love the newshour and your excellent hosts. I have a simple request: would you be able to have Yamiche Alsindor sp? She's very good and smart but I miss some of what she says, and I don't wear hearing aids! This is not to be negatively critical as I think she has a very excellent future in commentary on television and I value what she has to say.

Please do not post this online. This is for PBS personal interoffice use only. A 10 year old child could see it ,if watching. Have you no journalistic standards anymore? I guess not. April Reed Atlanta, Ga. First, Why is it?? But is afraid to actually hear what is being told to them! You can give a person powerful knowledge! Some people are lazy and want to remain fools!! Only because the Truth requires a real effort to choose to change ….. So where are our unique voices and perspectives. So Why do they always need to be blue-eyed and blond?!? Where are the Equally relevant voices and perspectives of Respected Journalists like, Mrs.

Audie Corins, or Mrs. Judy Woodworth, Truly Sharing the spotlight!! Why do the major decision makers, always need to be so disrespectful and rely on the ancient and truly outdated 7 to one formula of casting with one bleached token character of color! Why does there still need to be this weak-minded, mentally-challenged, behavior of a totally insecure white monopoly?!?

I have No problem with White people!!

Toward a Global Norm Against Manipulating the Integrity of Financial Data

That are Not White-looking. That is what I was trying to express! Since its been well over Forty years!! Where is all their So-called progressive Inclusive Diversity?!? Or again, Am I the only person with a pulse?!? To notice. I thought these major decision makers wanted to make a lot of money with high quality scripts staring people of color?? Besides, intelligent, independent-thinking individuals! Would really like to know why they are so hostile. Alan F. Yet in such a hypercritical behavior!!!

That they so steadfastly espouse!!! Wonder how many letters and E-mails they would get? If like-minded individuals took the time to also ask! So is it just me? Who wants full inclusion and Fair Equality of Diversity in all the media for my family, and Future Generations of fellow citizens. Brooks is grand but Shields needs to retire. There must be some younger journalist, male or female, to effectively share the Friday time slot with Brooks. I am an older person myself. I have long found Shields uninteresting, unconvincing, and boring. No idea what has happened to PBS and your programming.

Shows are cheaper looking and nothing more than reality shows. Regarding finding your roots Why would I care about famous people relatives? One last question, how many productions are being done to show the war crimes and apartheid being practiced by Israel? Terri Gross, are you listening? I'm disgusted and my contributions are over. I find your obvious liberal bias absolutely repulsive. Why can't you just report the facts and let the people who pay for public broadcasting make up their own mind.

Amanapour, Frontline, in fact all of your "news" reports make me want to barf! I will never send funds and will discourage anyone I speak with from sending funds. The sooner this disgrace is off the air the better. Evolution can be disproved. Please research the truth of life being created by our Creator. Genes are programmed which requires a intelligent Programmer! There are many sources to prove creation.

This is the 2nd night she interviewed Paul Simon! Paul Simon is the worse musician and not articulate, etc. He was acceptable with a partner but now. The following interview with Ahanad Giridharadas said exactly what is deteriorating completely in PBS, media, news, etc. Charlie Rose brilliant, personal interviewing so intelligent with depth, kindness, ability to get THE PERSON, with people we appreciate and learn in a beautiful way what he was obtaining in truth and his dignified presentation and love. Judith Van Dyke I want to make a complaint about NPR receiving Federal money.

NPR is blatantly leftist and anti-trump. They constantly bash the President of the United States. I would not be so concerned about their extreme leftist programming except for the fact that my tax dollars are going to promote their propaganda machine. Here is a list of what I have listened to them report on in the last month:. Pro abortion rights 2. When PBS came to be in my youth it was touted as being commercial free. Over the years that has changed. Now you have lengthy commercials because of donations made by private corporations.

Why should they be allowed to violate your founding ideals? At the most they should just get a line mention like the foundations get. How much would I have to "donate" to allow me a lengthy add telling everyone how great I am? That is why I don't donate. Remove the adds and will donate. Would it be possible to get your permission for this? I wish Judy Woodruff would tutor her female presenters on how to present the news. They talk too fast. Yamiche Alcindor is the worst.

Although she may be an excellent reporter, she is like a faucet. Turn her on and the words just gush out. Amna Navaz is better but soon she too is talking a mile a minute. I love Lisa DesJardin but wish she would slow down so I don't miss any of her reporting. Judy has such an excellent voice and paced presentation, she is a great example for these young women if they just had some instruction. We watch PBS news every night for its balanced reporting. When interviewing congressmen from both sides of the aisle, the following point should be made. You are the only ones with the power to solve the immigration problem yet you continue to collect your compensation when no progress is being made.

TSA and other federal employees are denied their salaries even though they have no power to solve the current problem. It would make more sense to penalize congress who is not doing their job. I am a middle to left leaning professor of social science. In former years I enjoyed and supported public broadcasting, tuning to it almost exclusively wherever I was.

While I would like to enjoy mature, thoughtful broadcast journalism that is free from commercial control, the heavy-handed material being produced by today's CPB has become unendurable. Even the most cursory sampling of current CPB broadcasting unmistakably demonstrates an unrelenting, ideologically-driven campaign of anti-religious, anti-rightwing sociopolitical diatribe bathed alternately in contrived outrage, strategic suspicion, character defamation and arrogant "good ol' boy" self-congratulation.

Such deeply biased "journalism" not only is offensive to reason, it's destructive to our social fabric, distortive to today's much needed social dialog and frankly, embarrassing to those of us who have in former times espoused support for public broadcasting as a balancing social agent. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all know that both of these men are liberal to the core and it is simply insulting to suggest otherwise.

Mark Shields fairly bubbles over with anti-conservative venom to the point that he is often reduced to babbling incoherently. I feel downright sorry for the old guy when he goes into his aba-daba mode of expressing his untethered, vitriolic hatred of Donald Trump. If you really care about presenting opposing arguments and analysis of the news, at least replace Brooks with a well spoken and knowledgeable Conservative such as Newt Gingrich.

Please do not respond with a comment about how popular the Brooks-Shields segment is with viewers. It is no secret that the majority of viewers are likely to be left leaning and enjoy hearing their own views confirmed! This program will be your next Dowwntown Abbey. Beautifully scriptive. Show the world of fashion, not just murder and mayhem, but the art of beautiful clothing introduced to the world. Please reconsider returning The Collection had it going on toward excellence.

Thank you for hearing me out. If I can be of any help, let me know. I love yall. I been a fan for over thirty five years from Dade county to Seminole county. I Loved this Documentary and I still love it! I tried calling PBS for it and learned it was sold to someone. What a shame because it was a part of a Frontline Documentary series! I feel it should be found and maybe more copies could be made of it! This Documentary really kept me glued to the TV the whole time I watched it. Please Help to get it finally put on DVD and give it the attention it really deserves!

Thank You Kay Stone Everyone now knows that a public alternative to Facebook and Twitter is needed. We rely on these services for the value they add, but their business model - making money by harvesting our personal information and connections for commercial gain - is unacceptable. What will it take to create a National Public Internet to provide a public alternative? Is this discussion occurring within the CPB, and if not, why not? I bookmark it because it is effective.

For some reason it does not appear on the Spectrum schedule after January 5 and I was unable to bookmark it for January 6. This is unacceptable. Please restore it to the schedule as it is the most efficacious of all the shows of its type. The news that comes through the radio is very important to the community, but when KPBS decides to specifically push Democratic Political Agenda, it destroy's KPBS's reputation of being impartial and provides Trump validation for his efforts in cutting off your funding.

Why can't KPBS take the high road as it has done so many times in the past? Trumps claim that media is unfair is being validated because of KPBS's childish response to his claims. How does KPBS not realize their news stories are "rhetoric" also? Take the high road and stop wallowing in the mud with a pig like Trump. You are systematically proving him correct by allowing democrats to run the show. I was particularly interested in Steinem as I am a 68 year old woman who came of age in the Sixties and Seventies.

When I heard Steinem state that part of her "interview" process to work as a Playboy Bunny included an "internal gynecological exam," I reflexively shouted "Bullshit" at the TV screen. I worked as a bunny at Playboy from My interview consisted exclusively and entirely of smiling a lot and reviewing my food service experience with the "Bunny Mother.

It is unbelievable to me that Steinem or anyone would submit to such an invasive procedure to obtain a job, even in the 's. At the time, , well-paying jobs for female college students were nearly non-existent. I chose Playboy on the recommendation of someone who worked there.

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It was hard work, but I was safe from the sexual harrassment by customers and staff that I had endured at previous food service positions. Although today I am an adamant opponent of the objectification of women by anyone, male or female, I also strongly oppose sensationalized, highly questionable statements like Ms. Steinem's regarding her interview with Playboy. All things aired on pubs channel in corpus Cristi tx. Are horrible.

The jobs news hour and Washington week are bias. And mostly based on feminism. I am a make. I disagree. I hate Judy Wodrige. She is a racist. She hates all men. The pubs news sucks and is bias against all who are not feminatzies. I would also ask that this Organizational Chart contain the direct reports of the people reporting to the Chief Information Officer. Also, contact information on the people listed in the above organizational charts to include: Business Address, Direct Business Telephone Number, and Business Email Address would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about this request, feel free to contact me using my information below. The requested information can be submitted either through email, fax, or mailed hard-copy, whichever allows me to receive the information as soon as possible. Forgive me if I am murdering the spelling of both YOUR name and that of Yamiche Alcindor, but I want to deeply compliment her on both her calm demeanor and her persistence when she questioned DJ Trump I refuse to call him President about his affinity for the white racism movement aka "white nationalism".

It will only list the first page of opportunities and despite showing several more page links, clicking on any of those links just refreshes the first page. This has been broken for more than a year, and previous emails to you have not shown any progress. Hope you can fix it. My wife and i are both scientists. We were both very disappointed by this interview as it was nearly entirely focused on the fact that the Nobel laureate is a woman and very little on what she had done to earn this honorific - my wife described it as a fluff piece.

I realize her accomplishment as a woman is worthy of discussion but it demeans her accomplishments to make it almost entirely about her gender. I would much have preferred the primary focus to have been on what she did and to have a thoughtful discussion by someone who had some understanding of science - this interview was beneath the usually high standards of the station and this interviewer. I received and forwarded to m friends and family your announcement, and the following is y reaction.

Yur program was a masterful hatchet job, the best I have seen in my 87 years. Premiering tonight a special time, 9 p. Thank you for watching. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Hagler Foundation. My name is Bishop. This is a message for Judy Woodruff. How pathetic is that, Miss Woodruff. What are you afraid of? You hypocritical fraud. You only represent a narrow slice of the public, which is your left-wing followers. Half the country voted for Donald Trump. I have been a listener for many years.

Mostly the BBC and classical music. I find the "news" programming to be very one sided leftist. If you want to be fair to both sides hopefully , you will balance commentary and report the good that is happening in government along with what you view as bad. I have been listening to NPR for 25 years, but over the past couple of years, it is so skewed towards political topics and the topics are overwhelmingly skewed toward the democratic party that I can no longer support NPR. I don't understand why CPB doesn't demand some type of equality in the reporting of a publicly supported medium such as NPR.

Can you help me understand this? Al Green. If so, could it be possible to please upload the program to www.

Learn more about these lessons.

Thank you so much for your time. Your help and any information is greatly appreciated.

See a Problem?

Best Regards, Joel. I have read in a number of papers that John Elway of the Denver Broncos discussed a contract with his team that Colin Kapernack trurned down. I would have liked the interviewer to have brought this issue up with John Feinstein to either deny that this contract was ever offered to Colin or explain why he did not accept it.

While this is an interesting project, I feel it should be pointed out that many students will move out of the region between kindergarten and senior year. I'm a data analyst for Portland Public Schools. Almost half of that senior class had moved into the district after kindergarten: there was some net loss. Even more striking, the number of students who moved into the district after kindergarten and then left before senior year was larger than either of the above groups. Too often, in doing longitudinal analysis, we filter mobile students out of the data because they don't fit the question we're trying to ask.

Mobility needs to be part of the story, not dismissed as an error. Do most of PBS' audience have more interest in Nikon news of the far east than what is happening in their own country?

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  8. If so, what time is it on? You should let her write, but not narrate pieces. I'd use her name but she speaks so softly that all of us in the room -- young and old -- missed it. Someone needs to teach her to project before letting her talk on-air. Thanks for your consideration. There were a goodly number of different tribes featured. They all lived in an area of approximately square kilometers somewhere in Africa.

    Longevity appeared to be common, too I will be contacting my Congressman and asking him to put a STOP to my tax payer money to support public broadcasting. My reason is simple. Your programing is WAY to bias towards liberal political causes with only the occasional token conservative viewpoint. I had hoped you would have changed when our President was looking to cut your funding. Clearly, this did not happen as your liberalism is alive and well. I would love to support some of your programming but I cannot because of you political views.

    My favorite unbiased news source Nightly News with Judy Woodruff was difficult and frustrating to watch this evening August 13, I want you to know I just had to and did change the channel. Ms Woodruff interviewed the WH aide fired last yea THAT woman who was walking the halls of a traditional monument to democracy with no credentials, no education to political course, she was given a voice to her book that I would encourage a burn ban on. She and her book should not have been given credence to truth or newsworthiness. I hope the editors and producers will think twice about asking some of these unqualified WH cranksters to be on Nightly News.

    This woman is a charlatan, bad risk, and gold digger! To me it would be as bad as asking that Ted Nugent if our strategy in Iraq is good! And believe I am not a Trumpie Bear fan either but this is just crazy! This is absolutely key to assessing integrity and transparency. Looks like NPR had previously published this information, but had ended that practice some years ago.

    I have always loved Washington Week for the journalists' knowledge and take on issues, but the tone is changing under Robert Costa. It's becoming more CNN like - ugh. No glee, please, when reporting on Trump's latest outrage. Many of the contributors are fine on this, but some of the new ones are not. Also, are you not keeping ANY continuity? The music is completely different after all these years, not just updated? I think it's a mistake. I am writing this Email with hopes that it is going to the right people.

    I am writing to say that I and many other people are very disappointed with PBS in our area which is , Springfield Vermont area and much of New Hampshire. The problem is with the over the air broadcast. A few weeks ago we got a message on VPBS TV saying that on a certain date we would have to rescan our TV because there were going to be changes in over the air programing. When the date came we could not get the major news station and several of the other stations were also gone.

    A few of us went and bought new antennas thinking that was the problem only to find out through the local news paper that VPBS sold the broadcast antenna and the broadcast frequency for 65 million dollars , leaving hundreds of us without any major network station which many of us relied on for our news , weather and a few shows to watch during the week. When VPBS was contacted about this we received an email saying "sorry we will be more transparent in the future or for us to get cable to watch PBS.

    We feel since many of us gave donations to PBS and our federal funding go to help support PBS stations we deserve better than this. Somebody made 65 million that should be used for PBS. Some of the people I spoke with are contemplating contacting their State reps about any more funding going to PBS. Thank you for your time. Peter Baker. I am looking for the film documenting magician James Randi exposing faith healer Peter Popoff which was aired live on the Jonny Carson Show in Where is that film and how can it be viewed?

    Please help. I've been looking for the regulations around they types of solicitation that are allowed for donations and have been unable to find through guidelines. Is that something that is available for review? If you want to ask for a "subscription" or say there is a regular subscription rate be a for profit company and stop accepting money from the federal government; if you want to ask for donations make it clear and don't try to deceive the public. What a rousing show.

    Made me proud to be an American and forget for a moment how polarized our nation has become. Keep up the good work. Capitol Fourth is always one of our most anticipated, must-see shows of the year. Thank you!!!!!

    'Sixth of severe debtors seek help' - AOL

    I went to the capital fourth rehearsal concert on July 3rth and encountered issued about access for people with disabilities. I do not know who this comment should go to but I feel that my family with disabilities were not treated with respect and dignity. Perhaps the statement on the capital fourth website should be modified. Could you please forward this to the appropriate department? Many thanks. Dear National Park Service, My daughter and I, along with both my handicapped year-old mother and disabled year-old sister visited the west lawn of the Capitol on July 3rd for the fourth of July Rehearsal Concert.

    Around p. We entered through the gate with the intention of heading toward the "Handicapped Section" which turned out to be on the opposite side. We asked a volunteer for assistance to get to the other side since my mom could not walk that far on her cane. A short time later Ranger Fox came and spoke to us where we asked her for assistance. She left and came back 10 minutes later to which she replied that she was looking into it. Mind you a clear path was never shown to us as it seemed the Ranger was eager to rid herself of the situation. She also stated that there were no wheelchairs nor anyone who would ride my mom there.

    Another 10 minutes passed, Later I saw Ms. Fox and asked for an ice pack for my Mom as she stood in close to degree weather, but this time 2 members of the Fire department came and tried to take my mother to the hospital. My mother declined because she was not sick and clarified her request for assistance to get to the handicapped section. While I was consulting with a very kind DC police officer Chief Ranger Allen approached us and stated to the police officer, "Did my Ranger hand off that issue to you There are two designated viewing areas for guests with disabilities that include a monitor with closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

    After you arrive at the grounds of the Capitol, let a park ranger or an event staff member in a yellow shirt know you need access to this area and they will be able to direct you. Ranger Allen replied, in an agitated tone "We can't do everything". Surely your staff is trained to handle these situations in a professional manner. How did a simple request for assistance turn into something completely unwarranted? I felt embarrassed and my mother was extremely disappointed. Although this put a damper on the evening we managed to enjoy the concert something that we originally set out to do.

    In the future I will think twice before asking for help.