The Seventh Book of Lost Swords: Wayfinders Story (Books of Lost Swords)

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Half a War. Joe Abercrombie. Half a King. Dragon Wing. Margaret Weis. Tower Lord. Prince of Fools. Fred Saberhagen. Anything blocked or struck by Shieldbreaker will explode , generally severely harming or killing the opponent. This is the only way to destroy another Sword.

The Seventh Book of Lost Swords

Any opposing magic is negated harmlessly. Cons: "No weapon" can stand up to it, literally ; Shieldbreaker can't harm unarmed opponents, or protect against unarmed attacks. Once drawn, Shieldbreaker can't be dropped when enemies are nearby, whom it will kill even if the user wants to show mercy. It also drains its wielder's stamina, eventually causing death by exhaustion, and making unarmed attacks even harder to stop.

On a number of occasions, this has resulted in clever wielders and opponents essentially playing a game of "Musical Swords" where the opponent of Shieldbreaker's wielder will drop their Sword, forcing Shieldbreaker's wielder to drop it to avoid this weakness, and both try to get the non-Shieldbreaker sword in hand when the other isn't close enough to Shieldbreaker to pick it up. Sightblinder , the Sword of Stealth or Deception.

Symbol: A stylized human eye. Pros: People perceive the bearer as the person or entity they love and trust the most, or as the one they fear the most. The bearer's senses are sharpened, and they gain the ability to see through illusions providing some protection from the Mindsword and Soulcutter. Cons: The bearer has no control over how he appears, and since he often appears to be something fearsome or wonderful , the Sword is not particularly stealthy ; its wielder is better off trying to brazen it out. The blade lacks any luster.

Pros: When unsheathed, the sword projects a field of total despair and apathy so pervasive that anything caught in its range can do nothing except lie down and wait to die Therefore, drawing the sword is generally the last decision anyone makes, and the mere threat of someone possessing it is often a big deal. Also causes Rapid Aging in its wielder, likely because they're at the focal point of its effect. Stonecutter , the Sword of Siege. Symbol: A wedge driving into a block. Pros: Stonecutter cuts through stone and earth like it was soft cheese.

Useful for toppling castles, making tunnels and cutting statues and gemstones. Cons: Against anything not made of stone or earth, it's just a very well-crafted sword.

Townsaver , the Sword of Fury. Symbol: A sword raised a stylized segment of castle wall. Pros: When defending unarmed people in a fixed position, Townsaver turns its bearer into a One-Man Army , striking with inhuman strength and speed, and keeps him from succumbing to his wounds until the end of battle.

The Lost Swords: Endgame

Cons: Besides that last bit, Townsaver does nothing to protect its bearer. It will even place its bearer between an attack and the people he's protecting. As with Shieldbreaker, the user is also compelled to finish a battle once entered, and will ignore any wound other than a killing blow. With all of this, it's not uncommon for the wielder to draw it, fight off an army single-handedly, and then instantly die of exhaustion or their wounds once the battle is over. Wayfinder , the Sword of Wisdom. Symbol: Arrow. Pros: Wayfinder may guide its bearer to any goal they want, and takes into account anything they need to reach it.

It may also be used for divinatory purposes e. Cons: Wayfinder picks the swiftest path In fact, it seems to deliberately choose the worst and riskiest way possible to get there. Symbol: An open human hand. Pros: Will cure any living thing whose flesh it pierces of any malady or injury short of death, including mental or genetic disorders. The continued presence of the Sword of Healing inside his rib cage engendered in Zoltan a very strange sensation, neither pleasure nor pain, but rather a sense that some tremendous experience, whether good or bad, must be about to overwhelm him. The feeling was mentally though not physically uncomfortable.

Both men ran on, without speaking, under the gradually brightening sky of early. Each time he looked, and shook his head, and went away again. Another Blue Temple wizard, evidently some kind of specialist brought in for a consultation, sighed uncertainly. Nothing of consequence seemed to be happening.