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We also found novel molecular mechanisms describing how unique brain matrix facilitates therapeutic resistance through corresponding receptors in our 3D culture models. By utilizing novel engineered platforms to study drug resistance, we are able to uncover mechanisms that could not be observed through traditional methods. Skip to main content.

Brain-Mimicking Gels for Studying Dementia

Email Facebook Twitter. Abstract Glioblastoma GBM is the most lethal and malignant cancer originating from the central nervous system. Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Highlight all Match case.

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Recent Activity. Insofar as imitation is, of all human weaknesses, the one that people have the most trouble admitting, it never presents itself as such. The patient accuses his model of wanting to steal his job, wife, or identity, betraying against the grain the surreptitious alterity that moves through him.

Pulling oneself out of the rivalrous impasse implies becoming fully conscious of one's proper dependency and admitting one's debt toward the other's desire. This is a difficult undertaking, which requires on the psychotherapist's part an acute understanding of psychology and psychopolitics and on the patient's part the gradual overcoming of his pride.

Establishment of the mimetic aging effect in mice caused by D-galactose.

He participated in a work group organized by Dr. Scott Garrels of the Fuller School of Psychology Pasadena, California on imitation and the most recent discoveries in developmental psychology and neuroscience mirror neurons. This section only lists book-length publications that Jean-Michel Oughourlian wrote or edited. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jean-Michel Oughourlian. Beirut , French Lebanon.