The Look of Love: The Life and Times of Paul Raymond, Soho’s King of Clubs

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My mum used to take me to Patisserie Valerie — long before it was transformed into a characterless chain — and to other favourites of hers.

She really loved the area, having spent a lot of time there during the late s and s. Her father had a business supplying fish to restaurants, many of which were in Soho, so she knew the area very well. He paid his way through his post-graduate painting course by working as a waiter in a drinking club on the fringe of Soho. Hard to believe it used to be so run-down in the late s and early s. I miss that air of seediness and decay. My Paul Raymond book went through several titles.

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It was a title I was never really all that committed to. Great shame.

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Members Only was something of a compromise. Just a shame that they chose such a feeble title. Using the Freedom of Information Act, I obtained the paperwork from Scotland Yard about a long-running and particularly bizarre extortion plot against Raymond. I think he was certainly changed by Soho.

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Immersed in the louche world of Soho, other aspects of his character emerged. At the same time he exerted a huge influence on Soho. In some ways he was an inadvertent conservationist. Though I drink, alcohol has never played that large a part in my life.

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What first attracted me to Soho as a kid was its exoticism, its neon-swathed garishness. Soho has obviously evolved over time. Is there is a new aspect that keeps your interest alive? Early in the process of finding a publisher willing to commission a book about Raymond, I was asked by an editor to shelve the idea of a straightforward biography in favour of a wider-ranging portrait of the Raymond Revuebar and the people associated with it during its heyday.

He envisaged a Soho version of Ratpack Confidential. Lurking behind it are numerous different treatments of the same or at least similar material. As seen in your book and the film, Paul Raymond had a complex character.

The Look Of Love

What intrigued you about him so much? Soft juniper with a high presence of citrus botanicals including grapefruit peel is balanced by angelica root and cassia. If that all means nothing to you, rest assured it tastes great — and as already pointed out, looks fabulous too.

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We never had any doubts about having Soho in the name. We really wanted this to be an authentic brand. At the same time you talk about Soho and it has become a symbol of creativity, hedonism, non-conformity, and there are a lot of districts in major cities across the world that are called Soho. It has travelled and we hope our gin will travel too.

The Look Of Love

The wonderful thing about it is you can find different areas to suit whatever mood you are in. This area is not quite as frenetic as the likes of Soho. This gin is a fitting tribute to his legacy. Sign up to The Resident newsletter for even more news, views and things to do in London, delivered direct to your inbox once a week.

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Lifestyle Travel Maximalist or Minimalist? Features Gourmet Recipes. Posted on 18th March Tagged Chelsea Soho. Paul Raymond revolutionised Soho nightlife.

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