Principles of Communications

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A message is encoded by the sender through sounds, written words, images, video, spoken language or body language, for example gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice. The message then reaches the receiver — the audience — who decodes it and may decide to respond.

This transmission of messages is not always straightforward, however. The following key principles of business communication will help you to get a message across to your receiver. They are:. It is important to understand and be aware of your audience. They are the people you talk and write to.

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You should tailor the content and the mode of communication to suit their features. These include their interests and beliefs, background, roles and personalities. Assuming that they will share your views and your background knowledge may lead to misunderstandings; therefore it is important to prepare thoroughly before communicating with people you have just met and who may be from a different context.

Four Principles of Communication

This will help you to not only achieve your present goal, but also to build or enhance your business relationships. To be effective, your message must be clear. However, what is clear to you the sender may not be to the receiver, due to your different backgrounds. This is why following a standard way to write a report, organise a meeting or give a presentation, for example, can facilitate communication.

Following standard grammatical rules and terminology also helps to produce a message that is clear to your audience. These three principles define effective communication, regardless of the context.

Different Types of Communication | Principles of Management

Now, to be a clear, concise, and compelling speaker, you need to use language that is understood by the receiver. The emphasis is always on the receiver. You need to ask yourself: Who is this audience? How will this audience react to the message? What does this audience already know about the topic?

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What will this audience find interesting? How might this audience object to the message? Are they knowledgeable, or do they need an explanation of the basics? Do you have to clarify some points? Are you on the same page about this, or do you have to mend some bridges? You may think facts and figures will convince, but they rarely do. Know your topic. Anticipate objections.

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Present a rounded picture. Achieve credibility with your audience. Follow through on what you say. Communicate a little at a time.

Language Has Rules

Present information in several ways. Develop a practical, useful way to get feedback. Use multiple communication techniques. Communication is complex. When listening to or reading someone else's message, we often filter what's being said through a screen of our own opinions.

World Association for Christian Communications Principles of Communication

One of the major barriers to communication is our own ideas and opinions Exercise: Telegraph Game 8. The average person sees an estimated five thousand ads per day. From commercials on television and pop-ups on the Internet to advertising on bathroom stalls and subway platforms, the messages are endless. Due to such super-saturation, it's not uncommon for most of these promotions to get lost in the clutter.

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And that's why effective communication to a specific target audience is the key to making advertisements stand out and get results. To make attitudes more favourable to a particular product.

Effective Communication: Five Principles to Perfect

To build an image for the product. To get across the idea of a unique product To reduce existing negative attitudes To keep building loyalty. To establish the brand and position it in a particular way, e. Start with a clear brief.