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Allocate the correct proportion of vehicle costs to your business Allocate this proportion of all your vehicle costs to your business. After 3 years you will need to keep a logbook for another 90 days.

Jump back to the top of the page top. Roles Companies Employees Employers Self-employed. Topics Records of income and expenses Claiming vehicle expenses.

Who do work-time rules apply to?

Tasks Calculate travel allowances. Moving between Inland Revenue sites. Handle flight hours, fuel uplift and payments electronically. PILOTLOG is the leading electronic pilot logbook, used by tens of thousands of fixed-wing, rotor, glider and balloon pilots around the world.

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Download your flight schedule from more than airline companies. Connect with your friends and meet new crew members on your layover!

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Get crew discounts for restaurants and other places in out station. If you employ drivers, or are an owner-operator, you are also required to keep fuel and accommodation receipts that can be produced on demand by an enforcement officer. You are also required to keep a range of employment records.

If you experience an unavoidable delay or emergency that causes, or is likely to cause, you to exceed the work-time limits for a cumulative work day or cumulative work period, you need to note the event and the length of the delay in your logbook.

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New Zealand Government. Access keys for nzta. NZ Transport Agency. Menu Menu. Home Commercial driving Commercial safety Work-time and logbook requirements. Read law changes regarding meal and rest breaks coming into force on 6 May Read more about fatigue Who do work-time rules apply to? The rules apply to you if you drive or operate a vehicle that: requires a class 2, 3, 4 or 5 driver licence, or is driven or operated in a transport service other than a rental service , or is used in circumstances in which the vehicle must, or ought to be operated under a transport service licence, or is used to carry goods for hire or reward.

Work time requirements do not apply to the driver of a goods service vehicle that requires a class 1 or 2 driver licence and: is used within a 50km radius of the vehicles normal base of operation and is not used for hire or reward.

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What are the work-time and rest requirements? A cumulative work day is a period during which work occurs, and that: does not exceed 24 hours, and begins after a continuous period of rest time of at least 10 hours. What does work time include? For example, it includes: driving loading and unloading maintenance and cleaning of vehicles administration any paid employment whether or not related to transport activities cruising for hire time on the small passenger service vehicle stand waiting for a fare.

Don’t buy a vehicle without a V5C (logbook)

Ferries Scheduled ferry trips of more than one hour may count as a rest break including time spent in the vehicle during sailing. Short-term variations If your work requires you to exceed normal work time limits to meet short-term business needs, a transport service operator, a person who employs drivers subject to work time requirements, or the organiser of a public display or event can apply to the NZ Transport Agency for a short-term variation to either allowable work time or required rest breaks.

Tour buses Tour bus operators can apply to the Transport Agency for variations to work-time requirements if their tour involves taking a group of tourists on a defined schedule on a predetermined route that takes more than 24 hours to complete. Critical agricultural operations A person who is in business as a farmer or an agricultural contractor may apply to the Transport Agency for a variation of allowable work time or required rest breaks for the purpose of a critical agricultural operation.

Drivers of emergency and essential services If you drive an emergency service vehicle or work for a principal rural fire officer, and you are asked to work beyond standard work time limits, your dispatcher must consider alternatives, such as the availability of other drivers, before requesting you continue to work. What are the penalties for breaching work-time requirements?

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Read more about the chain of responsibility What is a logbook? You must keep any completed logbook for 12 months after the date of the last entry. Electronic logbooks The Transport Agency has the authority to approve alternative means of recording work-time hours, and has approved a number of electronic logbooks.

Find out more about electronic logbooks Who is required to fill in a logbook? Logbooks must be completed if you drive a vehicle that: requires a class 2, 3, 4 or 5 driver licence, or is used in a transport service other than a rental service , or is used in circumstances in which the vehicle must, or ought to be operated under a transport service licence, or is used to carry goods for hire or reward if that vehicle is a heavy motor vehicle.