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Provocations and Possibilities — How to deal with contested, dissonant and difficult heritage through arts and creative practice, and the production of future heritage imaginaries;.

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The Broader Context: Politics, Economics and the Environment — Creating and consuming heritage and the arts in times of change, including the relationship between heritage, social justice and the Creative Industries;. Future Trajectories — Working with new technologies, addressing emergent challenges, and building more equitable heritage futures through critical-creative practice.

This sub-theme particularly welcomes alternative session formats and methods of presentation, including short films, photo-essays, performances and creative writing. For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenor Colin Sterling c. Politicisation of Heritage: cultural policy and legislation; post-truth rhetoric; politics of division; changing political landscapes.

Heritage-Making: the commodification of heritage; past and revisited values; representations; contested heritages; ethics. For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenor Hana Morel hana. Adaptation, mitigation, resilience and sustainability — New approaches to natural and cultural heritage management in times of environmental collapse;. Heritage in more-than-human worlds — Transcending boundaries between social and natural heritage processes, and engaging in an ethical way with indigenous epistemologies and ontologies through decolonial and postcolonial frameworks;.

Re shaping the future — Developing critical perspectives on future material legacies and new heritage paradigms for a post-Anthropocene Earth. For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenors Nadia Bartolini n. Transforming heritage experiences — examining the ways in which digital technologies are affecting our interactions with the past; how they are transforming everyday encounters with heritage, and the values people assign to those encounters.

Connecting heritage and people — exploring how web-based and other digitallyenabled methods have been used to bring together heritage objects, places and practices that are physically located in potentially very distant and different parts of the world, and the implications for heritage and for people. For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenor Chiara Bonacchi chiara.

As well as potentially exploring folklore and intangible cultural heritage studies and their relationship into the future, this strand can consider, amalgamate, and go beyond the following:. This might include: Sustainability, climate change, conflict, health, etc. Conversation vs Conservation? For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenor Tina Paphitis t. Foodways, as the intersection of food in culture, traditions and history, explores the social, cultural, political and economic practices pertaining to food production and consumption.

This strand is therefore interested in the practices and meanings surrounding food and how these contribute to broader heritage constructions and engagements. It may include the following:. Emerging foodways through creolisation, political movements, new engagements with digital platforms, etc. The role of foodways in debates surrounding sustainability, security, welfare, and environmental impact, including contentious food practices and Traditional Ecological Knowledge TEK. Best practices, ethics, practices of care. Future-building capacities of heritage; heritage and its potential to promote sustainable peace and development goals.

For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenor Esther Breithoff e. How the material remains of the past in the urban can sometimes become favoured over the needs of living populations and their own contemporary heritage practices. Heritage practice and urban development as a form of commodity exchange e.

Consideration of continuing debates relating to the removal of statues, alteration of building names, and other efforts in urban locations to recognise or challenge historic legacies and present day instances of colonialism, racism, and sexism for example. For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenor Jonathan Gardner jonathan.

Future-proof heritages and addressing retrofit measures — exploring challenges and opportunities of new technologies, tools and instruments onto older systems and how organisations are dealing with or need to prepare for subsequent changes. Complex research designs and mixed-methods approaches — exploring how to develop and apply research designs that are complex and require the combination, joining up or linking of data-intensive and qualitative methods creatively. Using big data: exploring the value of social media spaces and data, and of other kinds of big data to inform heritage research; the questions this data can help answering, as well as the implications of using big data in methodological, technical, and ethical terms.

For any questions about the sub-theme please contact sub-theme convenors Chiara Bonacchi chiara. When you upload the final version of an accepted paper, you will also have to provide a short summary that will serve to compile the conference digest. Please do not follow the IROS submission process.

Authors may not request any acceleration or delay of the review process based on these criteria. Eligible papers may only be presented at one conference. Eligible papers may only be presented at one conference; i.

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