Head Over Heels: an SAT Vocabulary Novel

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I know it's not the best list out there, but it's free, and it seems to be good. I looked over it some more, and found quite a few words I've never heard of, quite a few I heeard, but never knew the definition of, and quite a few that I thought I knew the definition of, but really didn't. I'm probably gonna end up buyinig Barron's list after I finish with Sparknotes, but I'm sure because I have an uncontrollable natural impulse to be overprepared for everything. Gets annoying sometimes, but really useful other times. Good luck, ein!

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You don't have to buy it. Is there any reason to learn THAT much vocabulary??? I studied like words and I haven't had vocab problems on any practice tests By the way, thanks for the link, tapedDuck:. The vocab lists work for both.

Head Over Heels: an SAT Vocabulary Novel

I memorized up until like d or something then I stopped because all of my teachers decided it was a good test week. It helped a bit on my test though. HiLine replies 20 threads Registered User Member.

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Did it help you on the December test? Just start 2 or 3 weeks before the test, then you aren't forced to learn w.

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Way too much uneasiness accompanies. I started memorizing some words from Sparknotes' list. It's very easy to learn the words because the examples as well as the definitions are very clear and simple.

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Should i retake the SAT? Collegeboard sucks! This Book is Currently in the Wild! Trade paperback from a friend who knows what a grammar nerd I am.

Read more at sparknotes. From the back cover Learning vocabulary with a study partner can be fun Francesca Castarelli has to choose. Dreamy and athletic Jeremy is the most popular boy in her school and the center of her social scene.

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Will Francesca risk everything for the guy who drives her crazy - in every way? What would you rather do? Hey, it's your time and your flesh Smart and funny with well-rounded characters in believable situations. I liked the references to architects I.