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Thus, the matter of coming to understand the inner side of a religion involves a dialectic between participant observation and dialogical interpersonal relationship with the adherents of the other faith. The other sense of the subjectivity of religion is properly a matter for theology and the philosophy of religion. The study of religion can roughly be divided between descriptive and historical inquiries on the one hand and normative inquiries on the other.

Normative inquiries primarily concern the truth of religious claims, the acceptability of religious values, and other such normative aspects; descriptive inquiries, which are only indirectly involved with the normative elements of religion, are primarily concerned with the history, structure, and other observable elements of religion. The distinction, however, is not an absolute one, for, as has been noted, descriptions of religion may sometimes incorporate theories about religion that imply something about the truth or other normative aspects of some or all religions.

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Conversely, theological claims may imply something about the history of a religion. The dominant sense in which the contemporary study of religion is understood is the descriptive sense.

The term phenomenology refers first to the attempt to describe religious phenomena in a way that brings out the beliefs and attitudes of the adherents of the religion under investigation but without either endorsing or rejecting the beliefs and attitudes. The term phenomenology also refers to the attempt to devise a typology, or classification, of religious phenomena—religious activities, beliefs, and institutions. The Christian theologian, for example, may see a particular historical process as providential.

This is a legitimate perspective from the standpoint of faith. The study of religion may thus come to have a reflexive effect on religion itself, such as the manner in which modern Christian theology has been profoundly affected by the whole question of the historicity of the New Testament. The reflexive effect of the study of religion on religion itself may in practice make it more difficult for the student of religion to adopt the detachment required by bracketing.

Scholars do generally agree that the pursuit of objectivity is desirable, provided this stance does not involve the sacrifice of a sense of the inner aspect of religion. The stress on the distinction between the descriptive and normative approaches is becoming more frequent among scholars of religion. Study of religion. Article Media.

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New Hardcover Quantity Available: 2. New Quantity Available: 1. The devout Muslims themselves firmly rejected any suggestions that they had extremist sympathies, pointing out that the Bible was also given away for free in generally-intelligible translations. Their campaign should not, they said, be seen as a mission — there is no such term in Islam — but simply as dacwa, an invitation. Like so many debates that are whipped up into minor hysteria by the constant noise from all sides that constitutes the shaping of public opinion nowadays, the one about handing out Korans also died down quickly.

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It eventually emerged that the Koran had only been distributed in those pedestrian precincts that were also furnished with television cameras. The newspapers and talkshows, the interior minister and the security services all provided answers. But philology can give answers that are more exciting, more logical, even more politically relevant — that is, exemplary philology like that of Angelika Neuwirth.

It begins with the dating of Sura 96, which, if one examines it closely, can hardly be the first, and it continues with the simple Arabic wording that the devout Muslims obviously failed to understand. Female bodybuilders are used to prejudice, not to mention being in the minority.

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But in Iran, their sister athletes also have to live with exclusion. Shirin Nobahari is one who is not going to be deterred.

By Stephanie Hoppner. Skip to main content. The Islamic scholar Angelika Neuwirth has had a greater impact on Koranic research in Germany than anyone else in recent decades.

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What she has to say is revolutionary — not only for Muslims, but also for Europe. Salafists, in particular, could learn a great deal from her. By Navid Kermani. Yes — why not? Pages 1 2 3 4 Next page All on one page. Interview with Angelika Neuwirth: "The claim that Islam lacks an Enlightenment is an age-old cliche" The Koran as a text from late antiquity: A European approach Islamic studies: Liberate the prophet from the stranglehold of religion!

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia is relying on wit and humour as an antidote to Islamist extremism.