Cognition in the Wild (New Edition)

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Cognition in the Wild

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How a Cockpit Remembers Its Speeds. Cognitive Science, 19 3 , Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Wild Cognition Research

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Distributed Cognition in the Analytic and Continental Traditions

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  • Chapter 8 Rational or associative? Imitation in Japanese quail Chapter 9 The rationality of animal memory: Complex caching strategies of western scrub jays Part III Metacognition Chapter 10 Descartes' two errors: Reason and reflection in the great apes Chapter 11 Do animals know what they know?

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    Chapter 12 Rationality and metacognition in non-human animals Chapter 13 Rationality, decentring, and the evidence for pretence in non-human animals Part IV Social and cognition behaviour Chapter 14 Folk logic and animal rationality Chapter 15 Rationality in capuchin monkey's feeding behaviour? Chapter 16 Social cognition in the wild: Machiavellian dolphins? Part V Mind reading and behaviour reading Chapter 17 Do chimpanzees know what others see—or only what they are looking at? Chapter 18 We don't need a microscope to explore the chimpanzee's mind Chapter 19 Belief attribution tasks with dolphins: What social minds can reveal about animal rationality Part VI Behaviour and cognition in symbolic environments Chapter 20 Intelligence and rational behaviour in the bottlenosed dolphin Chapter 21 Intelligence and Rationality in Parrots Chapter 22 The impact of symbolic representations on chimpanzee cognition Chapter 23 Language as a window on rationality END MATTER Index.