Caprice No. 11 from Twenty-Four Caprices

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Paganini's popular reputation rested always on his phenomenal technique as a violinist, coupled with a showman's ability to dominate an audience and to stupefy those who heard him by astonishing feats of virtuosity.

Interview with Rachel Barton Pine: Paganini 24 Caprices

His playing served as an inspiration to other performers in the nineteenth century, suggesting to Chopin, in Warsaw, the piano Etudes, and to Liszt the material of the Paganini studies that he w rote in The very appearance of Paganini impressed people. His gaunt aquiline features, his suggestion of hunched shoulders, his sombre clothing, gave rise to legends of association with the Devil, the alleged source of his power, an association supported by the frequent appearance by his side on his travels of his secretary, one Harris, thought by some to be a familiar spirit or a Mephistopheles watching over his Faust.

Stories of a pact with the Devil were denied by Paganini himself, who, with characteristic understanding of the value of public relations in a more credulous age, told of an angelic visitation to his mother, in a dream, foretelling his birth and his genius. Paganini was born in Genoa in and was taught the violin first by his father, an amateur, and then by a violinist in the theatre orchestra and by the better known violinist Giacomo Costa, under whose tuition he gave a public performance in The following year he played to the violinist and teacher Alessandro Rolla in Parma, and on the latter's suggestion studied composition there under Paer.

Twenty-Four Caprices for Solo Violin, Op. 1

After are turn to Genoa and removal during the Napoleonic invasion, he settled in in Lucca, where, after , he became solo violinist to the new ruler of Lucca, Princess Elisa Baciocchi, sister of Napoleon. At the end of he left to travel, during the next eighteen years, throughout Italy, winning a very considerable popular reputation.

It was not until that he made his first concert tour abroad, visiting Vienna, Prague and then the major cities of Germany, followed by Paris and London in His international career as a virtuoso ended in , when, after an unsatisfactory tour of England, he returned again to Italy, to Parma. A return to the concert-hall, in Nice and then, with considerable success, in Marseilles was followed by an unsuccessful business venture in Paris, the Casino Paganini, which was intended to provide facilities equally for gambling and for music.

24 Capricci op. 1

With increasing ill health, he retired to Nice, where he died in Paganini published relatively little of his music, most of which was kept for his own exclusive use during his career as a travelling virtuoso. The Twenty-Four Caprices for solo violin, however, were published in Milan in as the composer's Opus 1.

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Arranger s : Meszlenyi, Laszlo ; Nicholls, Chris. Conductor s : Weninger, Richard. Orchestra s : Weiner Chamber Orchestra. Artist s : Ricci, Ruggiero.

24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op. 1: No. 11, Caprice in C Major, Andante - Presto - Andante

Genre : Orchestral. Catalogue No: CDS Barcode : Naxos Records, a member of the Naxos Music Group.

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