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Finished the Angels of Darkness book in one reading, loved the Alphas! So, is that going to become a complete series too, or just for grins?

The Angel of Darkness: TNT Orders Follow-Up to The Alienist

Awhile back you guys posted snippets of this story when you were just playing with it. And when I was reading it, I was visualising it as an anime, especially the fight scenes. Just awesome. Complex, dark, and all the good words for it. Loved it, looved it!!! When do we get more? But Angels of Darkness had to be a book.

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For my book shelf with all of your other books. My husband says it looks a bit like a shrine. I dont care what he thinks about it. I loved Alphas! Such a great world with very interesting characters and the grim atmosphere is so cool. I am hoping very much to read more of them soon. There, the two fuse together, becoming one person.

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Dark Angels of Darkness homages some of the most popular shonen manga of the last 30 years. And like those comics, Dark Angels of Darkness exudes a sort of self-aware silliness.

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Dark Angels of Darkness is raucous and wild, but not all that serious. This is the real joy of Dark Angels of Darkness , and why I keep flipping through the book.

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This comic is drawn is with an intensity and power unmatched by anything I read in the last 12 months. Some sequences could read more clearly: the dog who shows up late in the story is cute but those passages are also legitimately confusing.

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The good news is that these are, in the scheme of things, small crackers. Lots of really great comics have difficult passages — it comes with the territory, and good cartoonists usually figure it out as they go along.

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One of comics greatest strengths is just this kind of transparency. Your email address will not be published.

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